The DOME Testbed became part of the NSF GENI Project.

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The Global Environment for Network Innovations (GENI) is an experimental suite of infrastructure designed to support Network Science and Engineering experiments ranging from new research in network and distributed system design to the theoretical underpinnings of network science, network policy and economics, societal values, and the dynamic interactions of the physical and social spheres with communications networks.

As part of the Spiral 1 development effort, we have GENI-ized our DOME testbed, allowing external researchers to deploy experiments accross the DOME testbed, including the DieselNet vehicular testbed and the Amherst Community Internet mesh system.  A major part of that effort has been to integrate the Xen Virtual Machine to isolate experiments from experimental control, maintainance. and monitoring. The following figure shows an overview of our testbed integration.




Geni Engineering Conference 3 Poster:

GEC3 Poster

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