UMass DieselNet

DieselNet was part of our GENI testbed, and was open for public experiments during its operation. It consisted of 35 buses each with a Diesel Brick, which is based on a HaCom Open Brick computer (1GHz CPU, 1GB RAM, 60GB or greater hard drive, Linux OS). The brick is connected to three radios: an 802.11b/g Access Point (AP) to provide DHCP access to passengers and passersby, a second PCI-based 802.11b/g/a interface that constantly scans the surrounding area for DHCP offers and other buses, and a longer-range MaxStream XTend 900MHz radio to connect to our throwboxes. Additionally, some buses were equipped with Intel 6250 WiMAX clients. A GPS device records times and locations. Our custom software allows us to push out application updates and user-defined experiments; and take mobility, AP-to-bus connectivity, and bus-to-bus throughput traces.

When operational, you could run experiments on DieselNet on our GENI pages.

For more information, take a look at our publications page.



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